Community Projects

Hand-crafted banners draw welcome attention to your community efforts. Unique graphic designs and vibrant colors express the vitality, enthusiasm, and collective spirit of your place and purpose.

Big Bang Banners services stimulate awareness and are very effective for commercial and community events. The high visibility of these banners reinforces positive community images and provides an everyday reminder of your project.

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Drawing From The Community

Big Bang employs local community resources to conceive and create the most effective banners involving multiple generations of residents in meetings, workshops, and brainstorms.

Neighborhood networking ensures that your custom-designed banner reflects the thoughts and aspirations of the people--designed to reach and represent. Most importantly, we listen, listen, listen.

Big Bang Brings It All Together

You decide how much community involvement is right for you. You may choose to have us design banners inspired by information from the workshops or create banners according to your own directions and specifications.


A typical workshop includes a slide presentation, brainstorming, creation, designing, painting, practicing artistic techniques, and more. Workshops are available on an ongoing basis or as a one-time program.